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    • Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel Southier, I'm 21, I work at a Airsoft Club as instructor, right now I'm studying Game Design. I love playing Runescape since my first time at OSRS, on about 2004. Hope to make some friends in this server and to have fun with everyone.
    • Updates on 9/24/2017:

      - Added in Anima Core craftin
      - Fixed up some prices
      - Fixed Spirit Shield Crafting
      - Fixed an issue where warbands npc's would all be dead but camps still couldn't be looted
      - Stacked DXP and XPWell bonuses
      - Fixed some titles that should come after players names
      - Fixed some shops up to match their respective npc's - Added custom teleport animations for home teleport (more to come and for more actions than just lodestone tele)
    • nice suggestions! +1
    • Being able to teleport to your slayer assignments with a speech option from the slayer masters.   Being able to spend nox points to extend/refresh auras.   Move the npc at ;;home that are out of the main circle closer or into the main circle. A lot of new people have no clue where these can be found. Also the herblore supplies shop is super far from a bank.   Giant mole spawns in the wrong location, doens't "dig" to the right spots and generally feels like none of the mechanics have been coded properly
    • For 400 Nox points have an uncut hydrix in the noxshop as most reapers are completely insane right now.