Our Community is a friendly environment where players of all genres can come together and have a great time.

- About Us

We have host multiple dedicated games on the best hardware available to give all of our members the best experience possible.

Our Services

Dedicated Servers

All of our games are hosted on dedicated servers to maximize performence and stability.


We are always looking for new ways for our players to achieve new goals and compete against one another to prove who's best.

Active Staff

Our game ninjas are always available throughout the day! Our ninjas will always be helpful and friendly.


Our ninja's are also there to help out anyone in need, no matter the request. Give our support ninjas a ring at any time.


We have social outlets for use to all. Key among them are our forums, our discord server and most important, our games.


We are constantly updating our community, wheter it be the social aspect or our games, to keep our members satisfied at all times.